Income Tax

The Income Tax calculator provides an indication of a client’s net income after deducting income tax and national insurance from different sources.

Calculations are based upon inputs of the client’s non-savings, savings, dividends and non-taxable income from different sources such as ‘income’ or ‘accumulation’ units or Trust income.

The calculator takes account of;

  • Whether a client is employed or self-employed for NI purposes.
  • The option to overwrite the Personal Allowance.
  • Child benefit amounts (if any) are shown in the Note
  • Repayment of Student Loans
  • The effective rate of tax relief on pension contributions is shown in the Notes.

The calculator will also show the income tax changes introduced by the Scottish government regarding the structure of (non-savings) income tax for taxpayers in Scotland.

Claiming for previous years

As HMRC will allow reclaim of income tax back to 2018/19 (providing the claim is made by 5th April 2023). The calculator will allow you to select any tax year from 2018/to 19 to perform these tax calculations.