Forecasting Goals & Cash Flow

The Forecasting Goals & Cash flow calculator demonstrates the likelihood of achieving a certain goal(s) e.g. paying for a wedding, depending upon the cost/value of the goal, the level of investment available/funding together with the expected growth of the investment and funding.

Once salary and outgoings input, calculates surplus income available.

Input Goals and whether these are one-off payments or regular (increasing) amounts. Up to 5 Goals can be input.

Then input money available to fund Goals. This can be single & regular (increasing) amounts being paid at different times. Also, input the expected net growth of an investment.

Download the Goals Template to assist in collating the required information


If Goals are not achieved using current funds available, the calculator shows the single and/or regular contribution required to meet these goals.

The cash flow position is shown in table format & also as a graph.