Retirement Cashflow Planner

The retirement cashflow calculator provides an indication as to whether a client’s (and their spouse’s) existing assets and future planned savings will generate sufficient net income or realisable gains in retirement to meet their net income requirements.

Once salary details and the amount of net income required at retirement are input, will then look at the client’s assets and expected growth to retirement together with income yield to establish whether this meets their net income in retirement requirements.

Download the Cashflow Template to collate the required information.

Income Page

There is an income page showing the chart of how the required income is provided. The blue area represents the client’s ‘naturally generated’ net income from all sources. If this is not sufficient to meet the income needed, then capital is used to meet the requirement. The red area represents the shortfall.

Also on the income page, the figures are shown of how the required net income is funded by the ‘naturally generated’ income and the capital.

Fund Page

A similar page also shows the Fund values of each asset. These will of course reduce if they are being used to supplement the client’s required income.

Inheritance Tax

There is also a tab which will provide an indication of the client’s (and spouse) expected Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability on 2nd death.

There is also a bar chart showing the split of their assets into; their net estate, the amount in the pension fund, and the IHT liability.