National Insurance Limits

Recent history of National Insurance threshold limits for Lower Earnings Limit (LEL), Primary Threshold (PT) and Upper Earnings Limit (UEL) are below; Tax Year LEL

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GMP Revaluation

A history of Fixed Rate revaluation is below; Date of leaving Revaluation After 06/04/2017 3.50% 06/04/2012 – 05/04/2017 4.75% 06/04/2007 – 05/04/2012 4.00% 06/04/2002 –

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Capital Gains Tax

A client’s overall total gain/loss for all disposals for the tax year, after deducting any losses from previous years and the Capital Gains Tax Annual

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State Pension history

Recent history of State Pension amounts are below; • The new Single Tier Pension (STP) for those individuals who reach State Pension Age on or

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Auto Enrolment limits history

History of Auto Enrolment limits are below; TAX YEAR EARNINGS TRIGGER LOWER QUALIFYING EARNINGS UPPER QUALIFYING EARNINGS 2024/25 £10,000 £6,240 £50,270 2023/24 £10,000 £6,240 £50,270

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Annual Allowance History

The Annual Allowance (AA) is the amount of pension savings that benefits from tax relief in any one tax year. Since April 2016 the Annual

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