Bringing Planning Calculators into One Place

This website provides various calculators that are designed to assist IFAs work more efficiently and effectively, as well as case studies demonstrating planning opportunities for clients who are in particular situations.  These calculators are easy to use whilst providing a simple explanation of the results shown through figures and/or charts.

To see a summary of the calculators available in each category, just click the appropriate  ‘Calculator Button’.  Alternatively, click this link ‘List’ for all details in one PDF document. For further information of each calculator click the appropriate link from the category drop down list at the top of the page.

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The aim of TFP Calculators is to bring planning calculators into one place.

There are a wide range of comprehensive calculators available that currently includes; Retirement Cashflow planning, Pensions Pre & Post retirement planning, taxation of investment wrappers, and taxation for individuals and Companies.

Plus calculators are added / updated as required on a regular basis.


There are various advantages of using TFP Calculators;

  • Easy to use
  • Simple to understand
  • To check your calculations
  • Demonstrate planning opportunities
  • Information to support plans you deliver.