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Make your job a lot easier with our easy-to-use range of financial planning calculators. 

Designed to assist IFAs in their day-to-day activities; 

  • Calculators that enable you to quickly calculate and understand results through simple figures and/or charts. 
  • Reports providing information & greater context to the figures calculated, and
  • Case studies demonstrating planning opportunities

Simple, quick and easy to use financial calculators

We have a wide range of relevant calculators to assist businesses with financial planning and developing opportunities for their clients. Although there may be other tools available in the market, TFP Calculators are comprehensive whilst being simple, quick and easy to use.

A list providing an overview of each calculator available in all the categories can be obtained by clicking here

Why use tfp calculators?

The aim of tfp calculators is to bring planning calculators into one place.

There are a variety of comprehensive calculators available, including retirement cash flow planning, pensions pre- & post-retirement planning, taxation of investment wrappers, and taxation of individuals and companies. We regularly add / update all our calculators.

The benefits

There are various advantages of using tfp calculators.

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