If you want to copy data or a screen shot to include in a report, you consider using the Snipping Tool.

To open the Snipping Tool, click on Start/Windows button, and in the Search Box input ‘Snipping Tool’.

It is a good idea to save the Snipping Tool icon to your taskbar or desktop.


Once ‘Snipping Tool’ icon is clicked, the Snipping Tool Window will appear;



Click ‘New’, and highlight data area that needs to be saved.


Click the ‘Save’ icon or ‘Copy’ icon


This can be achieved by clicking the ‘More Settings’ arrow on the Print dialogue box.


You can;


Adjust Page Margins

Normally from Default to None, Minimum or Customise.

Customise allows the left, right, top, & bottom margin to be changed by increasing or decreasing the default figures already input/shown.



Change size /scale of output so output fits on one page

Change the scale from ‘Default’ to ‘Customised’ and adjust the percentage e.g. to 77% as required.



Include or Exclude Headers & Footers

You show or remove from the calculator output the headers such as date & Title, and the Footer such as website address (URL).



Remove or add background colours

You might want to keep or remove any background colour or graphics, if applicable

To save output, you would follow the same process as you would Printing.

Once the Print dialogue box appears

You need to click your PDF virtual printer e.g. PrimoPDF, and then click ‘OK’

Calculator Print Button

To be able to print the calculator output, there is a ‘Print’  and ‘Print All’ button at the bottom of each calculator.

If you click the ‘Print’ Button, this will only print the information being shown on that webpage.

The name of that calculator’s webpage will be shown at the top of the page to be printed.


If you click the ‘Print All’ button, this can print all the webpages for that calculator.

It does not show the name of each of the calculator’s webpage.


Therefore, if you do not want to have the name of the calculator’s webpage shown on your printing, click the ‘Print All’ button and select the pages that you want to print


When the ‘Print’ or ‘Print All’ button is clicked, a Print dialogue box will appear.



You can select the required Printer (Destination) and printing requirements.


This will also provide a preview of what you will be printing.


If you are happy with Preview showing the calculator output, click ‘Print’


An alternative method of opening a Print dialogue box is ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Shift’ + ‘P’

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