Retirement Wrappers

This calculator looks to demonstrate that providing an income in retirement need not just be about pension plans. Other investment wrappers can be used to provide a tax efficiently ‘income’ in retirement.

This may involve using 5% tax deferred withdrawals from Investments Bonds, Partial Disposals from Collectives etc.

The calculator looks at funding the different investment wrappers for retirement, then withdrawing funds to provide the client’s ‘income’. This income could be from; Drawdown, Uncrystallised Fund Pension Lump Sum (UFPLS), ISAs, Collectives, Onshore and/or Offshore Investment Bonds.

The calculator can also demonstrate the impact of certain income increasing/reducing each year, and the income to step up/down at a particular age.

Download the Retirement Wrappers Template to assist in collating the required information.

A chart shows the income from each wrapper & total tax being paid each year. The other chart shows the level of funds each year for each wrapper.