National Insurance Limits

Recent history of National Insurance threshold limits for Lower Earnings Limit (LEL), Primary Threshold (PT) and Upper Earnings Limit (UEL) are below;

2022/23 From 06/07/2022£6,395£12,570£50,270
2022/23 Up to 05/07/2022£6,395£9,880£50,270
2019/20 £8,632£46,350
2018/19 £8,424£45,000
2017/18 £8,164£43,000
2016/17 £8,060£42,385
2015/16 £8,060£41,865
2014/15 £7,956£41,450
2013/14 £7,748£42,484
2012/13 £7,592£42,475

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