Subscription fees

    The fees for accessing the restricted areas of TFP Calculators website depends upon the number of users.  
      · For a single-user registration, the fee is £250 per annum (plus VAT).  
      · For each additional user, the fee is £75 per annum (plus VAT).    
    If during the following 12 months after the single-user registration, any additional users require access   
    to the restricted areas of the TFP Calculators website, then a proportionate amount of the additional   
    user fee will be charged. Contact TFP for payment information.      
      Select number of users*
      Annual subscription fee      
      VAT at 20%        
      Total fee per annum        
    Please make payment using the following link;     
    This will allow you to pay by credit or debit card. It then gives you the option to set up a Paypal account or not.  
    The process is;  
    1. Enter your name, address, and card details.  
    2. After reviewing your information, you can choose whether or not to save the details by creating a PayPal account.  
    If you would like to make payment via a different method, then please contact us;      
    *If more than 5 users for a firm is required, please contact TFP Calculators for fee.    
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