Pre Retirement

Pension Funding

This Pension Funding calculator provides an indication of the clients’ expected PCLS from Money Purchase fund and pension at retirement. Output Once existing (Money Purchase & Defined Benefit) pension details are input, the Pension Funding calculator will show expected benefits at retirement. Then, based upon the client’s objective for either; – an amount of pension, or – […]

Individual Protection

On 6/4/2016, the Lifetime Allowance reduced from £1.25m to £1m. A client with funds of at least £1m at 5/4/2016 can still apply for Individual Protection 2016 (IP2016). IP2016 protects a Lifetime Allowance to the lower of; – the value of your pension savings at 5/4/2016, and – £1.25 million . The Individual Protection 2016 […]

Continue contributing?

  Normally it can be quite straight forward to compare the tax advantages of whether an individual should stay in a Defined Contribution pension plan and continue contributing or to opt out. For example. Assuming a gross contribution of £10,000, and at retirement (ignoring tax efficient growth) the benefits will be taken as 25% tax […]

Pension Charges

The Pension Charges calculator enables you to compare the charging structure of different plans. Pension charges are an important factor to be taken into account when considering to transfer from one plan to another. This can sometimes be difficult if the fund projections for each plan assume different growth rates.   Inputs General details of the arrangement are input, […]

Carry Forward

Since 6th April 2016, the Annual Allowance is tapered for certain individuals, so the Carry Forward calculator is in 2 parts; – The first part calculates the 2022/23, 2021/22, 2020/21, and 2019/20, (& potentially 2018/19, 2017/18 & 2016/17) ‘tapered’ Annual Allowance which depends on the clients’ income, and – the second part calculates the Carry Forward amount […]

Salary / Bonus sacrifice

If a client is looking to pay a personal pension contribution or receiving a bonus, then they may consider establishing a salary / bonus sacrifice arrangement so that the employer pays the pension contribution on their behalf. If a salary sacrifice arrangement is to be set up, there is the option within the calculator to choose either; […]

Property Purchase Funding

The Property Purchase Funding calculator demonstrates the feasibility of a pension scheme being able to purchase a commercial property. Once details of the commercial property and pension scheme are input, it will show the initial amount of how much the cashflow of the company has improved. Output The property purchase Funding calculator also shows the cash flow […]

Standard Lifetime Allowance

This calculator aims to provide an indication as to whether a clients’ benefits will exceed the Standard Lifetime Allowance. The client may have a higher fund protection as a result of electing for Fixed and/or Individual Protection. Input Clients may have a number of different types of pension arrangements which may be; • Crystallised – Pensions in […]

Pension vs ISA Investment

The Pension vs ISA investment calculator provides a basic comparison of the fund values of a pension and ISA investment based upon an initial level of investment. Pension vs ISA investment Following the 2014 Budget announcing the new proposed flexibility of withdrawing income from pension funds, there is a lot more interest in pensions and whether […]

Pension v Lifetime ISA

The Pension v Lifetime ISA (LISA) calculator provides a basic comparison of the fund values of a pension and LISA based upon a regular annual investment amount. The March 2016 Budget announced the introduction of LISA. It will be available to UK resident savers who are under age 40 at April 2017 (i.e 18-39). The objective is to help under […]