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Application for Pension Fund Protection

An application for pension fund protection needs to be completed on-line. To do this the individual needs a Government Gateway account. Government Gateway Account  To set up

End of Tax Year Checklist

With the tax year end approaching fast, it is a good time for individuals to consider any last minute planning and to maximise any unused allowances that they

Applying for Pension Fund protection

As previously announced by HMRC, it is now possible to apply on-line for pension fund protection (Fixed Protection 2016, Individual Protection 2014 and 2016). Please click

IHT Main Residence NRB – Proposals

HMRC have recently published their technical note on the main residence nil rate band and downsizing proposals. It also includes examples of how the downsizing

Dividends 2016/17

HMRC has issued a Dividend Allowance Factsheet. This confirms that this ‘simpler’ system will mean that only those with significant dividend income will pay more

Pensions Tapered Annual Allowance

Legislation in Summer Finance Bill 2015 introduces a tapered reduction in the annual allowance from 6 April 2016, for those with an ‘adjusted income’ of

HMRC newsletter 70

HMRC has published its newsletter 70. You can access this by clicking here. Newsletter includes details regarding; Further example of how transitional PIP and AA

2015 Summer Budget – Dividends

The 2015 summer budget announced changes to how dividend payments will be taxed as from 2016/17. The Key points are; Currently From 2016/17 Dividend Allowance

2015 Summer Budget – Pensions

The 2015 summer budget announced that from 2016/17 the Annual Allowance for tax relieved pension savings will be reduced for those with incomes of over