Case Studies

Pre-Retirement Case Studies

The following case studies can be accessed on each calculator’s information page, or by clicking on their link below.

Pension Funding

Client wants to fund for a specific level of pension e.g. up to Higher Rate Tax threshold at retirement; Fund-CS-HRT

Individual Protection

Client wants to value their pension savings for Individual Protection  2016; IP-CS


Pension Charges

Client wants to see impact of costs/charges of different pension plans; Charges-CS


Carry Forward

Client wants to pay maximise pension contributions & not exceed Annual Allowance; CF-CS


Salary Sacrifice

Client is employed & paying a pension contribution; Salary Exchange-CS


Standard Lifetime Allowance

Client with crystallised &/or uncrystallised funds and worried about exceeding the SLA; SLA-CS


Property Purchase

Client looking to use their pension fund to purchase a commercial property; Property-CS


Pension v ISA

Client is unsure of investing in a pension or an ISA; PenVsISA CS

Pension v Lifetime ISA

Client under age 40 who is unsure of investing in a pension or a Lifetime ISA; PenVsLISA CS

Continue Contributing

Client who is considering whether to stay in or opt out of their pension scheme; Continue CS

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