Company Taxation

Profit Extraction

The Company Profit Extraction calculator provides an indication of the Net Spendable Income for the client (and employed spouse), and to show how the profits are distributed. Based on an input of the amount of company profit available, this calculator allows input as to how that profit can be used for either salary, dividends, pension contributions, […]

Corporation Tax changes

Following the Government’s announcement in September and confirmed in the Autumn Budget on 17 October 2021, there will be a new Health and Social Care Levy (HSCL) introduced in 2022/23. This will mean; – An additional 1.25% in National Insurance Contributions (NICs) for both Employers and workers, and – 1.25% tax rate increase on dividend […]

Salary vs Dividends

The Salary vs Dividends calculator provides a quick and simple indication demonstrating the tax advantages of increasing a client’s Net Spendable Income (NSI) by extracting profits as dividend payments as opposed to salary. It also shows a further alternative option of providing the same NSI as the salary only option, by taking a small salary with dividends and the balance […]

Employ Spouse

The Employ Spouse calculator provides a quick and simple indication demonstrating the tax advantages of the spouse being employed to provide at least the same level of total net spendable income, whilst generating a pension contribution at effectively no cost. There is the option to show the impact of the Employment Allowance.   For a more detailed solution, which […]

Incorporate Calculator

The Incorporate calculator provides an indication of the tax advantages, if any, of a self-employed business incorporating and extracting profits as a small salary together with dividends to provide the same Net Spendable Income together with an additional amount paid into a pension arrangement.