Retirement Cashflow Planner

The retirement cashflow calculator provides an indication as to whether a client’s (and their spouse) existing assets and future planned savings will generate sufficient net income or realisable gains in retirement to meet their net income requirements. Once salary details and amount of net income required at retirement are input, will then look at the client’s assets […]

Forecasting Goals & Cash Flow

The Forecasting Goals & Cash flow calculator demonstrates the likelihood of achieving certain goal(s) e.g. paying for a wedding, depending upon the cost/value of the goal, the level of investment available/funding together with the expected growth of the investment and funding. Once salary and outgoings input, calculates surplus income available. Input Goals and whether these are […]

Income & Expenditure

The objective of the Income & Expenditure calculator is to show whether the client will have any surplus income or will overspend in a particular year. Details of the client’s (and spouse) various sources of gross income are input so that the calculator can calculate their net income. This will then be compared to their expenditure to determine […]

Retirement Wrappers

This calculator looks to demonstrate that providing an income in retirement need not just be about pension plans. Other investment wrappers can be used to provide a tax efficiently ‘income’ in retirement. This may involve using 5% tax deferred withdrawals from Investments Bonds, Partial Disposals from Collectives etc. The calculator looks at funding the different […]

Cost of Delay

The Cost of Delay calculator demonstrates the impact of delaying regular monthly or annual investment for specified number of years. Output It shows; • additional payments required to achieve the  same fund, • the overall increase in total payments throughout the term.

Education Planning

The Education planning calculator will show the lump sum investment or regular annual contribution required to cover the costs of primary, secondary, higher education and any initial costs together with the potential provision of a deposit for first home purchase. The lump sum & regular investment depends upon the level of fees required, expected net growth […]