Pension Funding

This Pension Funding calculator provides an indication of the clients’ expected PCLS from Money Purchase fund and pension at retirement.


Once existing (Money Purchase & Defined Benefit) pension details are input, the Pension Funding calculator will show expected benefits at retirement.

Then, based upon the client’s objective for either;

  • – an amount of pension, or
  • – level of fund, or
  • – the Standard Lifetime Allowance (SLA) at retirement.

This will show:

1.  the net growth rate needed on clients existing fund, or
2.  the net growth rate needed on existing fund if regular contributions paid,

Or, if the net growth is chosen:
3.  The amount of Single Contribution that needs to be paid, or
4.  The regular annual payment required to be paid in addition to any smaller
Single Contribution that can be paid, or
5.  The regular increasing annual payment required to be paid in addition to any smaller Single Contribution that can be paid, to achieve that objective.

You can also select whether the amount of pension or fund required is to be in today’s value or not.


There is a separate tab containing bar charts & figures  showing;

–  the level of icome that can be provided; either as a fixed amount ot based upon GAD

– the fund and whether it can be maintained throughout retirement.

Saving Instructions