Investment Wrapper Comparison

The Investment Wrapper Comparison calculator provides an indication of comparing Collectives vs Onshore Investment Bonds vs Offshore Investment Bonds, depending on the various inputs that are selected. As when assessing the suitability of an investment for a client, certain factors need to be taken into account such as the client’s objectives, costs, tax implications etc. This calculator […]

Investment Bond

The investment bond calculator will give an indication of the tax liability due for client on surrendering the investment depending upon their current total income. This will be for either an onshore UK investment Bond or an Offshore Investment Bond. Inputs Details of the investment bond owners need to be input, together with information of any additional […]

Multiple Bonds

  The Multiple Bonds calculator provides an indication of the income tax that would be payable by a client who is surrendering a number of investment bonds in the same tax year. Where multiple chargeable events occur in the same tax year, the total top-sliced gain needs to be apportioned across all of those investment bonds. […]

Part Disposals

This calculator shows the taxation situation of using part disposals on a regular basis to provide a tax efficent ‘income’. The net fund growth can be input as ‘capital growth’ &/or accumulated ‘income’. The chart shows the gain element of the part disposal compared to the CGT AE. If the gain exceeds the CGT AE […]

Funding ISAs

The Funding ISAs calculator provides an indication of comparing; – a lump sum investment being retained into a collective portfolio, or – each year withdrawing an amount which is then invested into an ISA. If a client has money invested, such as in Collectives, and is not using their ISA allowance in full then they should consider […]

Capital Gains

The Capital Gains Tax calculator will look at an individual holding to establish whether a Gain or loss would arise on selling units for that holding. The calculator takes account of any cost incurred, equalisation payments, and the identification rules. For assistance in completing the calculator, please click this PDF link.

Investment Weighted Returns

Investment Weighted Returns are used to measure the performance of the fund. Money Weighted Return (MWR) takes account of deposits and withdrawals during the period being measured. It is also sometimes referred to as the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of the fund. It can also be used as a method of comparing one portfolio’s performance against another. However, […]

Offshore Bond utilising Allowances

The Offshore Bond utilising Allowances calculator provides an indication of how a UK based non-taxpayer might use their Allowances to potentially reducing the eventual chargeable gain. Offshore Investment Bonds can be very useful investments when arranging financial plans for UK based Non-Tax Payers. Allowances This is because Non-taxpayers are able to utilise any of their unused Personal […]

Offshore Bond – Part Surrenders

The Offshore Bond – Part Surrenders calculator provides an indication of how Partial Surrenders (the 5% tax deferred withdrawal facility) of an Offshore Investment Bond can be used to; – fund school/university fees, or – provide a tax efficient income in retirement. Offshore Investment Bonds can be very useful investments when arranging financial plans for UK […]

Offshore Bond – Full Surrenders

The Offshore Bond – Full Surrenders calculator  provides an indication of how Offshore Investment Bonds can be used in retirement planning by Fully Surrendering segments to provide an ‘income’. Offshore Investment Bonds can be very useful investments when arranging financial plans for UK based Non-Tax Payers. This is because Non-taxpayers are able to utilise any […]

Rebalance Funds

The objective of the Rebalance Funds calculator is to provide an indication of the amount that needs to be sold or bought to rebalance a client’s portfolio. Once you to input details of existing funds and investment (percentage) split of the new funds, the Rebalance Funds calculator will show; How much of each existing fund […]