How do I change output format?

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Change Calculator OutputPage Setup

This can be achieved by the Page Setup dialogue box.

If you click the tools (cog) setting at the top right of your screen, or hold down the ‘Alt’ key and ‘X’ together, a dropdown list will appear.

Click ‘Print’, another dropdown list will appear and click ‘Page Setup’.

Alternatively you could click ‘Print’, and then ‘Print Preview’.

From the Print Preview page you could click the cog in the tools bar, or hold down the ‘Alt’ key and ‘U’ together, and the Page Setup dialogue box will appear.


From the Page Setup dialogue box you can;

Remove or add background colours

  • You might want to keep background colour (include tick in box) for saving calculator output, or
  • Have black & white output (remove tick) if you are printing calculator output.

Adjust Page Margins

  • The left, right, top, & bottom margin can be changed by increasing or decreasing the figures already input/shown.

Include or Exclude Headers & Footers

  • You show or remove from the calculator output the headers such as Title, and the Footers such as website address (URL) and date.