Case Studies

Post-Retirement Case Studies

The following case studies can be accessed on each calculator’s information page, or by clicking on their link below.

Pension Commencement Lump Sum (PCLS)

Client has a Pre A-Day occupational Money Purchase scheme; PCLS-CS


PCLS – Defined Benefit

Client want to know maximum PCLS payable from their Defined Benefit scheme; PCLS-DB-CS


Apportion PCLS

Client has more than one Pre A Day ‘occupational’ pension scheme; Apportion-CS


UFPLS options

Client is looking to take all his pension fund as a lump sum payment; UFPLS options-CS


Immediate Vesting

Client nearing retirement with cash & requires additional income; Immediate-CS


PCLS or Pension

Client who wants to compare option of taking PCLS & Reduced pension or Full pension; PCLSorPension-CS


Annuity Comparison

Client is purchasing an annuity & wants to see impact of ancillary benefits on income; Annuity-CS


Annuity Deferral

Should client defer taking their benefits; Defer-CS


GAD maximum

Client with ‘Capped’ Drawdown requiring maximum income to not trigger MPAA; GAD-CS


Flexible Pension Withdrawal

Client wants flexible access to their Money Purchase pension fund; FPW-CS


Retirement Options

Client approaching retirement & wants to compare Annuity, Flexible Drawdown, Phase Drawdown or ‘Capped’ DD options; Ret Options-CS



Client who want to determine whether their fund will sustain their required income for their life expectancy; Sustainability-CS


Partial Drawdown

Client wants to ‘Phase’ retirement & target a level of ‘taxable’ income; Partial-CS


Recycle Drawdown Income

Client is in Drawdown and not taking the maximum income; Recycle-CS


2nd Benefit Crystallisation Event

Client is in/going into Drawdown and taking no/little income; BCE-CS-60


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