Case Studies

Investment Case Studies

The following case studies can be accessed on each calculator’s information page, or by clicking on their link below.

Investment Wrappers

Client wants to invest in the appropriate investment wrapper; InvWrap-CS


Investment Bond

Client surrendering an investment bond; Bond-CS-Large Gain

Multiple Bonds

Client is fully surrendering more than one investment bond in the same tax year; Multiple-CS


Part Disposals

Client wants to provide a tax efficient ‘income’ in retirement; PD-CS


Funding ISAs

Client wants to see the benefit of transferring funds to their ISA each year from their Collective portfolio; ISA-CS


Money Weighted Return

Client wants to know the return on their portfolio; IWR-CS


Offshore Bond utilising Allowances

Client who is a Non taxpayer with an Offshore Investment Bond; Off-PA-CS


Offshore Bond – Partial Surrenders

Client wants to fund grandchild’s education tax efficiently; Off-PS-CS


Offshore Bond – Full Surrender

Client is a Non taxpayer requiring tax efficient ‘income’ in retirement; Off-FS-CS



Client is rebalancing portfolio & need to know how much from each fund has to be sold or purchased; Rebalance-CS

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