Standard Lifetime Allowance

This calculator aims to provide an indication as to whether a client’s benefits will exceed the Standard Lifetime Allowance.

The client may have higher fund protection as a result of electing for Fixed and/or Individual Protection.


Clients may have a number of different types of pension arrangements which may be;

• Crystallised – Pensions in payment (starting before or after 6th April 2006),

• Uncrystallised –  Money Purchase and/or Defined Benefits which are ‘live’ or ‘paid up’.

And depending upon whether any future contributions are paid to these plans together with the expected growth rate of the pension funds will determine whether the client will exceed their expected Standard Lifetime Allowance.


This calculator will provide an indication of;

a. The expected Standard Lifetime Allowance that the client has remaining (after deducting benefits that have been crystallised), and

b. The expected value of their uncrystallised benefits at retirement, and whether these will exceed the remaining Standard Lifetime Allowance – which would result in a Lifetime Allowance Charge.